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Because IFC models can be large and require large computer and network resources, models are often exported as smaller segments. This means that different parts of an architectural model, for example, are separated into IFC files to reduce file size and for user friendliness for third party software. One challenge with this development has been putting these files together into a unit that can be validated and checked at the project level. For example. if you have an architectural model in four different files that you wish to put together using dRofus in order to have a coherent base to check, view and validate rooms, properties and Items - and not least, to have the most updated geometrical design files available for different participants in the project to view in 2D and 3D. 

In order to make a comparison between, for example, a room program and model you need the complete model with all the rooms. To achieve this, you must combine several files to get the whole model. The model server can combine multiple IFC files and combine them. This also applies if you need data from different disciplines (with different software) that must be combined into an overall model. 

With dRofus' model server, you can create your own models and upload IFC files to a central server where the files are stored. This is normally done by a dRofus/BIM manager in the project that has write access to the model. A model server can consist of several IFC files (segments) that can be replaced continuously as changes occur in the designed model and when it is necessary to update one or more files. Other dRofus users will not be able to upload and download files, but will be able to see the latest uploaded models with one keystroke.

To use the model server features you need to use dRofus Web. The user who is uploading the IFC files, needs to have full "Modelserver rights". When the different model files are uploaded and the keys (to link rooms, items and occurrences) are set up correctly, any set of objects in dRofus can be seen in the model (as long as they are connected to a room).

The Model Server solution used to upload and display the IFC models is BimSync from Catenda.

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