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You can import rooms, room data structures, Room Properties, Groups and Room Data into dRofus from Excel by going to the Rooms Module → Import/Export and choosing Import Rooms. This will open a window where you can choose an Excel file from your computer. Once you have done this, dRofus will automatically suggest the first row of data and check whether the program recognizes the column name which matches either with Room Properties, Group Names or Room Data fields in dRofus. This is only intended as a suggestion and must be double checked with the Excel spreadsheet before running the import. You must also check that the correct worksheet has been specified.

The Excel spreadsheet must have a specific structure to allow import. It is important that the number and name of functions and sub-functions are entered in different columns, although they do not have to be in a sorted sequence - if a level is repeated later in the document, dRofus will see if it is found and then make use of the existing one. It does not matter which columns contain data, but you have to specify this yourself in the import dialogue box. Only the columns specified for import will be read. Even if you have other information in the spreadsheet, it will not be read.

You can specify which rooms to import in two ways: If you have more than one room per row, you have to specify this in a separate column and cross off number of rooms. dRofus will then only import the rooms which have a number greater than or equal to 1. Rows with blank numbers of numbers less than 1 will be ignored. If you cross off for number of rooms, the import function will check the entry in the name column and then import the rows which do not have a blank/empty name.

An example of how this process works is provided in the illustration below.


The end result in dRofus:

The fields for Function level illustrated in his example in the Import room window may vary from project to project, depending on how many function levels are defined for the project and their names.

Click the Room Data button to import Room Data fields. This will open a dialogue box with all defined Room Data fields and you can choose which fields you want to import. The program tries automatically to match column name to Room Data fields. This will succeed if the column name is written in the following format: <tab name> - <group name> - <group element name> - <field name>. It is important here to check the Room Data tabs in dRofus to make sure that the text is entered correctly. For example, the column name "Description - Personal load - Persons, maximum" is mapped to the Description tab, the Personal load group and the Persons, maximum group element.
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