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If a user profile is limited to a responsibility group, this only means that they were not allowed to add any item with another responsibility group to an Item list in dRofus. But this was not a "strict" permission. So if the intent is to had full Item rights (=1) the user setting could be modified to limit the item to have the responsibility group they have access to and then add it to the room. Also there were no limitation to other operations on the Item list itself so the user could for example assign a room to a template or delete an Item list from a room, even though this list or template had items not in the same responsibility group.

Run Task

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There are several options under Run Task.

Purge deleted items: All deleted items will be purged from the database, thus reducing the size of the database.

Set all user rights to read access: When this option is selected, all users in the database will default to read only permissions.

Update roles: Updates predefined roles. 

Clear all logs: This action will clear all of the logs in the database. Logs only clear room data - it does not clear log data on items or templates as they are shared across other projects and the clear log option here is only on the project log - rooms and occurrences. The person who clears the logs is replaced on the log data on items and templates.

If clear log option is checked when copying a database and there are rooms and occurrences that carry over - the log data is cleared from previous logs and the person who is creating the copied database is replaced in all log data.

Prevent user access to Price-related fields