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$selectA comma-separated list of columns to return. 'id' will always be returned$select=name,architect_no
$orderbyA comma-separated list of columns to sort by. Sorting direction can be specified using asc or desc.  Default is asc. If no orderby is specified, the result is sorted by id$orderby=name,architect_no desc, 

Used to restrict which rows is are returned.  A column can have a criteria to filter by. The value for filter can be quoted to handle embedded spaces and strings. Currently only 'and' can be used to combine multiple filters. 

NeNot equal
LtLess than
GtGreater than
LeLess than or equal
GeGreater than or equal
InIs a member of
ContainsString contains a sub-string

$filter=created gt '2019-1-1'

$filter=name in ('kitchen', 'office')

$filter=id in (1001, 1003, 1005)


$topMax number of rows to return. Default is 1000. If more data is available than is returned, the result will contain a RFC5988 header value$top=123
$skipHow many rows to skip on result-set. Default is 0. Can be combined with $top to implement paging$skip=100